Mihail Tells Us "Who You Are"



Romanian romance meets restrained resonance in Mihail's new track "Who You Are."

A pop production with substance, this tune professes the inevitability of love for the lost over a quiet, cantering beat.

A little guitar, a little rhythmic stomping and a lot of love make the track a heavy rotator.


"Why don't you tell her..."

Stalks tower overhead; impossible skyscrapers brushing invisible strokes into the clouds.

The air is warm and mellow yellow under dragonfly wings. You heart soars...

Your skin is baking, your face is red. A whisper blows against your ear as a hand takes yours.

The grass folds in around you.

"She feels in love, but she doesn't know."

There's a rhythmic similarity here to Shawn Mendes's "Stitches," but the parallels collapse there.

"Who You Are" is the kind of light, chorus-driven pop balladry that never gets old. It's youthful yet deeply steeped in its own subtleties. A sound-doused daydream...


The chorus is a child's play place - hooting and taunting listeners with rosy cheeks and a smile. You'll fall in love, but you won't know it.

Mihail breaks away from conventional pop but a few times throughout "Who You Are," but makes each of these moments unique - tincturing them with emotion.

You don't have to love pop to love "Who You Are." Give it a try.

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