Migos - "Motorsport" Video Breakdown



Welcome to Gotham...


Alright, it's much too shiny for Gotham. This is the world of motorsport, apparently. A city smothered in smog so dense that purple fart-shaped Pokemon koffing would avoid it. Too much motorsport?

What's it all about?

We've a feeling motorsport is about a great many things...

It's about skill. It's about ability.

It's about dexterity of the hands.


Motorsport is about your mind. It's about ideas, damn it! It's about gratuitous product placement.


Motorsport is about your future. It's about saving the world. It's about Cortana from Halo.


Confused? So are we. Let's let motorsport point us in the right direction.


Clearly, motorsport is about cars.

In fact, that's all it was ever about. Motorsport is about that moment in every racing game ever where you finally get a car that doesn't suck.


Ok, fine; we have no idea what this is about.

Seriously, what kind of kush are they smoking?


Something is very wrong with this video. Can't quite put a finger on it...


Gods be with us!

Motorsport is worse than we feared...

A dark omen on our future? A collision course we can't turn off of? Egads!


Yes, Cardi, we hear you loud and clear. AI is coming for us. Twerking menacingly in her garage/cern-super-collider.


She'll bind us in the smog of a ridiculously polluted city. She'll enslave us with her cryptocurrencies. She'll leave us dazed, confused, crawling on the floor.


Hold up.

Perhaps we're getting ahead of ourselves here...


This is clearly an old Linkin Park video. False alarm...


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