Mickey May Makes the Most of a Heightened Mind in "LSD Interlude"

Odd Nugget Social-done

Neon nuance overloads sensory circuits in Mickey May's smooth "LSD Interlude".

This is your next nightlight lounge listen, soft as satin and chill as freeze.

Starry-eyed, your lids lift, dewy.

You and an army of thoughts, unrelenting... Spent and distraught, you lapse into venting.

Unearthed, it's buried emotion you're spewing.


"I don't wanna lose you, babe..."

Opening to a thoughtful take on incites experienced while under the influence, "LSD Interlude" loses shape in motion. Ambiguous and polymorphous, this song sweeps the spectrum in sonic bubbles and bleeding synth leads.

Slow-Mo melody snaps to key in chromatic scale as Mickey May makes for an expanding state of mind. Silvery cymbals tap awareness into a low-boiling mix of silky chords and pads. We're swimming.

In "LSD Interlude," vocals branch out in every direction, autotuned to hi-tech abstraction, hypnotic as candlelight - bright as such too.

Getting into this track is like getting into a good jacuzzi. So hot, it's warm... So bubbly, it's still... An hour passes and you realize it's been on replay the entire time; it's mood music stuck fast in your mind. Press play and step in.

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