Melancholy Ray Have Little Time and a Lot to Say in "Santa Fe"

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Heavy on harmonic rhythm, Melancholy Ray's new song "Santa Fe" feels like a rush of wind and bright city lights in passing.

Spiffy tones at speed spell out involving rock vibes in this track. You should probably hear this.

A skyline, purple...

Delightful in memory...

Love, alive and free...

Odd Nugget Soci-hecho

"I couldn't wait to see your face..."

Teeming with Maximo Park-esque movement, "Santa Fe" sees Melancholy Ray

Guitars spring shivering notes on the mix in bright sonic chroma. The air is energy-laced, electric with layered melody, as drums dissolve in a cascade of bronze shimmers, hasty and impulsive. Dynamically loaded, "Santa Fe" serenades at verse, then shocks come each chorus, percussive.


Nightly memories distill to dreams throughout this tune. Soft-sung lyrics allude to longing - love left high and dry.

Listen and you're bound to feel the pull from this song. "Santa Fe" is as energizing as it is soothing, somehow conjoining the two to a single auditory experience. Try the button below and you'll know.

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