Melancholy Ray Claim "I Shouldn't Be Drinking"

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Melancholy Ray's "I Shouldn't Be Drinking" drowns out longing in a river of warm reverberations.

Like Bloc Party toned down to a mellow mood, Melancholy Ray jam over heaps of lyrical reflection.

Funny how sidewalks crack...

Your back's been broken by weighted hope.

You know there's no going back.

But thoughts on what's possible form a slippery slope.


"I need you so much more..."

At launch, "I Shouldn't Be Drinking" lays simple chords out alone, then dresses them up in a swirl of rhythm, bass and drums to underscore pensive lyrics.

A live band feel it all has, conveying an energy of cohesion and harmony. Guitar strings twang sweet and sour, drums crash in chorus, but keep clear pace over verse as bass notes bend around kicks beneath it all. Vocals intone with nonchalant nuance a note, mental and plaintive.


Dynamics definitely hoist this track up from the floor of mundane indie rock music. Verse to chorus, subtle swings in rhythm bake syncopated emphasis shifts and more into the mix. Inching up to the song's end, we even get a solo which sets in with a simmer and sizzling pop.

For indie rock enthusiasts, "I Shouldn't Be Drinking" drums up all the little delights the genre has to offer without confounding its purpose and style. Is this track right for you? Fire it up and find out for yourself.

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