Meister Lampe's "Aurora" is Lounge Beats Legitness

Odd Nugget Social-done

Meister Lampe makes sweet music of angsty love in the exotically urban "Aurora".

Vocals, far-reaching and fluid, form an almost alien embrace around the senses - loathe to let go.

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An empty lounge. Lingering smoke...

Arms relax and eyelids lower. Another toke...

Quiet but for humming speakers... And a ghost.

Like a thought, she lingers. Lingering smoke.

Odd Nugget Soci-done

"...In his arms is where I want to be..."

Brooding, bobbing beat buries a bright, beautiful voice in "Aurora". It plays like a mystery. Intrigue, drama and romance...

"Aurora" is all about low-fi record skipping. Elegant cuts carve melodic slices in warm tape hiss; samurai smooth, they push and pull from side to side, emphasizing the vibe.

Particularly pleasant is the skillful inclusion of both low-fi and modern mixing. Both blend so well in this track, they're as close a metaphor for a match made in heaven as can be. Love permeates every layer of this tune.

"Aurora" is awesome. If you're looking for a chill weekend, let it sink in. Listen.

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