Mega Rolls in on a "Chariot"


Odd Nugget Social-done

Beautiful vocals and grounded guitar twang to tribal tappings in Mega's magnificent "Chariot".

"...Don't need magic..."

Motionless, you marvel at it. Far ahead, a field of diamond white...

Bottomless black between them, moving specks spiral.

Your eyes are vessels now; empty to them. Then they fill to brimming.

Starshine drips, glossy, from your lashes.

Odd Nugget -done

"When you're low, I'll lead you home..."

All the glory of a great cathedral crowds close to a fireside circle in "Chariot".

The intimate immediacy of Mega's voice is like a campfire story told in hushed tones. Minimal touches from the track's instruments stoke the story's embers to sparkle with the stars. Hopeful and warm is "Chariot's" vibe.

Lyrically, this track tell's a tale of transcendence. Mega muses over home and happiness with genuine emotion, stretching words to hold her heart.

In parts, Taylor Swift's "Safe and Sound" draws parallel, but both songs are diametrically opposed in intention. Mega makes excellent use of a noticeable India Arie influence in her voice and uplifting outlook.

"Chariot" is a lovely listen for all ears. Climb aboard and enjoy.

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