Mazy Make Friends of "Enemies"


Odd Nugget Social-done

Bright psychedelia meets pulsating electro-edm in Mazy's new tune "Enemies."

Similar in sound to Digitalism's "Shangri-La," Mazy's "Enemies" opens into an electric wonderland.

"We're not enemies..."

Afloat. You drift across endless night. Stars ignore your passing.

Space is cold. Space is vast. You are small. You are lost.

The pull is strong. You're caught in orbit - crash landing.

You touch down in water. You sink in deep. No light, no sound, it's cold and you're... Afloat.

"In the end, we both want the same thing."

Shuffling drums and choral voices dance together in this one. It's a dream.

Heavy, sharp synths adorn the airwaves throughout the track - pairing well with spacey droning vocals.

Odd Nugget feat-done

The sound spectrum is full nearly from start to finish - relenting only for emphasis as the chorus comes in. We're surrounded. The chorus itself shifts the vocals from adult to youthful and steps them up in number. Its a space-choir.

You won't need drugs to take this trip. "Enemies" is a swirl of sonic color. Speckled and shimmering, it's pure energy through a kaleidoscope.

Listen. Love.

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