Max C Bud Talks About a "Temptress"


Odd Nugget Social-done

Max C Bud's new song "Temptress" harnesses the easygoing vibes of soft, synth-smoothed indie rock to magnificently mellow effect.

It's tempting to leave "Temptress" on repeat.

"...Why do I feel this way?"

A ceiling fan and an open window compete for failure in a baking room.

You're a puddle against the wall. She's a boiler in the corner.

You shake your head and pour out the door. Now you're freezing.

Odd Nugget Soc-done

"It shouldn't be hard to decide..."

"Temptress" is a full-spectrum wave of sounds. It washes over you from start to finish with soft, unrelenting force.

Lyrically, Max makes a point of moving on from an unfulfilling relationship, dubbing his love interest 'Temptress'. His thoughts play through a light fog of effects, joining guitar and synths in gentle motion.

"Temptress" sounds like dim neon looks; soft as whispers and bright as stars. The synths enliven the outer edges of the mix throughout and Bud's vocals seat themselves atop it all.

Indie pop rockers will find a lot to love in this tune. But, then again, so will anyone else. Go ahead and listen!

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