MaWayy Are to "Blame" for Your Newest EDM Addiction

Odd Nugget Social-done

Heavy-hitting blows from bass-heavy harmony hold the senses hostage in Mawayy's new tune "Blame".

Bursting chorus to calming verse, this track is the real deal.

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Eyes open... Eyes closed... Don't peak.
Who knows when it's over?

Or has it even begun?

A dream's your reality; to wake is to sleep.

"I'm a lover, not a fighter..."

Once you've heard the pleading vocals, as the sporadic drum shots shoot through you, when the synthesized swells send your senses hurtling, "Blame" will basically have you hooked.

This track splits the atom of a dance track to two halves; harmony and hard dynamics. All beats must be kept in motion, but the beat in "Blame" moves more than most. Sweet melodic drops dip and dive into pools of pulsating piano, then erupt with tribal intensity to effervescent choruses.

Overall, "Blame" is the same in sound as a shimmering crystal cave is in sight. Light, deep, chill, moist.... It's a must listen for EDM peeps. Dancers and partyers ought to partake in playing this as well. Go for it.

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