MAUVE Make Their Latest Song Easy to "Remember"

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

MAUVE lace modern pop rock with TNT in "Remember," detonating your eardrums with upbeat energy.

There's no lull in this song's sensory assault - the excitement is palpable and plentiful to boot.

High octane - glowing...

You know you're about to blow.

Now there's no slowing.

Odd Nugget Soci-hecho

"This will be a night to remember..."

MAUVE marry thoughtful lyrics with insane riffage in "Remember".

Guitar strings ring, rhythmic, in forceful fits of harmony at each chorus. Drums pound out a spacious beat above an auditory tempest as vocals burn right through the mix, madly melodic.


"Remember" won't let you forget, from the moment it starts straight through to the end. Thoughts of hopeful anticipation and impetuous action ram your cerebrum repeatedly until you cave to the impulse. Basically, this song = YOLO.

MAUVE's "Remember" is solid pop rock with a heavy dose of power. A hard track to ignore, this one practically demands you place it on repeat.

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