Matthew Pinder's "Golden Hour" Shines Fine Sonic Light

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Heavy harmony and weighted intention take over in Matthew Pinder's "Golden Hour".

Like falling into a sky of emotion, this song sends you far from wherever you are.

Sun seizes the day.

Now, you rise just to meet it.

Warm the pain away.

Odd Nugget Soci-hecho

"You're in every song I hear and every song I write..."

Matthew Pinder places a heap of heartfelt meaning into "Golden Hour".

Keys fall like hammers, harmonic and punctuated, as warm vocals mist an icy soundscape. Droning strings hum on high, enveloping the mix. Below, deep notes dance around gently thudding percussion, thickening and congealing as the spectrum fills out.


A gale of gilded emotion cools you to the core throughout Matthew's "Golden Hour". Appreciation tempered by longing lifts the mood as the music swells in a gentle crescendo. It sounds a lot like a sigh and 'goodbye'.

This song is simply sublime - it's guaranteed to ease your mind. Make time for it and listen. You just might love it.

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