Matt Rouch and the Noise Upstairs "Already Yours"


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Country indie crooning and a wealth of sentimental sweetness make Matt Rouch and the Noise Upstairs' "Already Yours" a joy to hear.

For elated indie rock, "Already Yours" tops the rabble.

"What do you say, baby?"

Creaking floorboards wake at each step. You're taking time, tied up in each other's arms.

A couch, cozy yields to two. A fire, dim, radiates warmth. Together, you both burn brighter.


"You know this time I'll need more."

Quick paced plucking on guitar spills under clear vocals. Lyrically, "Already Yours" tackles your heart with relative ease right from the start.

The mix is melodic and breathy. Cymbals shatter air at the edges, a pitter-pattering snare pattern shuffles the sound over shifting rhythm and a fiddle fades in when it's wanted. It's love in free-fall.

Dynamically, "Already Yours" jumps up to full-blown festivity, then backs down, exhausted, to quiet, cantabile tones. A bell curve of verve.

Any indie devotee will be delighted by this tune. Tune in and enjoy.

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