Matias Makes a Tune That's "Addictive"


Odd Nugget Social-done

It takes drugs to feel as good as this song sounds. Luckily, Matias's "Addictive" is a (mostly) safe drug to take.

Brace yourself for modern house sizzle and loads of Latin spice.

"Then I saw you..."

Laser-focused you are. Tunnel vision you have.

Sideways glances she gives. Nervous worries you feel.

Loud and busy things are. Shots for courage you take.

Almost ready you are. Up she comes with "hello."


"What the hell am I gonna say?"

An artist attempting a genre crossover chooses which one to favor. Matias merely makes this crossover track a fast favorite for anyone listening.

Dynamics dictate "Addictive's" stylistic direction, building from verse to bridge to chorus and back again in rapid succession. Reggaeton rhythm melts in and out of earshot around pervasive kicks, tight syncopation brings the vocals in close to the beat and a busy batch of string additions swing around the works.

Arrangement and vocals, melody and rhythm, "Addictive" is, well, an addictive listen. Many will hear this tune. Few will forget it. Forget about forgetting and hear it right now.

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