Mat Creedon Flies Us Into the Sun in New Tune "The Time Has Come"

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Uber-psychedelic sounds spill, fractal, over a sweet, tingly soundscape in Mat Creedon's "The Time Has Come".

A ship's thrusters ignite, white-hot and humming, to jet us away on warm, starry tones in this adventurous electro-pop tune.


A minute too soon...

Not a moment left to waste

Taste what's yet to come.

Odd Nugget Soci-hecho

"Commence the countdown, clear the run..."

Creedon blends Beck and the Beatles in this smash mash-up of influences. "The Time Has Come" leaves you floating with Major Tom in orange space-glow.

"The lyrics were pretty much inspired by the length of time it took me to realize this latest version."

- Mat Creedon

Bleepy, bloopy tones pulse about as sonic squeals splice the upper spectrum with reflective reverberations. Bass notes bounce off of each other as drums double step with cushioned kicks. Magnetized lyrics lace the sound space like landmines, vocalized with entrancing nonchalance. We were Earthlings once...


"The Time Has Come" is a loaded gun of straight-ahead groove and retro flavor. Listening is like leaving this dimension momentarily to brave the cosmos of consciousness.

For prime, poppy psychedelic fare, this song will serve you well. For a boring time, look elsewhere - you won't find it here. Press play to lend Mat your ear.

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