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Oficina Inversiones 3-D

100 Metros Sur de Ciudad de los Ninos

Agua Caliente

Cartago CR


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EDITOR: Jeff Mitchell (email/phone) -

jeff (at)


About the Editor:

this guy might be the editor

My name is Jeff. I likes the arts. I writes the words...

I'm an American transplant with roots in lovely Costa Rica.

I write stuff on this site because I love writing stuff - I figure that's obvious enough, though.

I'm pretty passionate about music, art, books and techy tinkering types of topics. I wouldn't say I'm a tinkerer, but, well, actually I would say that.

Feel free to get in touch with me if you like the site and the oodles of stuff I've stuffed it with.

Or don't. You don't have to. :)

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