Mark Vickness's "Prince William Sound" Sounds Like Sky and Untapped Emotion

Odd Nugget Social-done

Notes float like birds a-flutter, reverberating, radiant, in Mark Vickness's "Prince William Sound".

Acoustic sound lifts from baritone ground to exultant heights, over-sweeping the senses in this super smooth song.

By babbling brook...

On windswept sea... On verdant knoll...

Your soul flies free.

Odd Nugge-done

A story in song, sans words or a need for them... "Prince William Sound" is profound as a memory in the making.

Heavy harmony yields to carefully wrought melodic sprints, sprinkling notes like dew on a field at dawn. Dynamics definitely play a powerful role in "Prince William Sound". Dizzying dips in harmonic depth expose the intricacy of this tune's lovely counterpuntal motions - two melodies making sense as a single sound.


"Prince William Sound" is a rich soundscape - harmony forms the hills and the skyline comes lined with notes. It's a picture in your mind's eye, real and unreal, alien and unmistakably familiar.

Fans of evocative guitar music will find their every wish fulfilled in this gorgeous track. The unitiated will never be the same. Listen. Press play.

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