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Mario Judah... For the sane man, such a name rings not a single bell. But, for us unfortunate few, Hell's bells ringeth loud and true.

Twas not of my own volition that I was subjected to this unique man's unique video. But the unique effect it has on listeners left me no hope for recovery.

mario judah die very rough

"Die Very Rough" is simultaneously horrifying and ridiculous. Terrifying and totally stupid. Creepy and creatively idiotic...

I think you're smellin' what I'm sellin' here.

mario judah is hellspawn

I've endeavored to dissect this song and its abominable video much like Mario might dissect the decaying corpses of his victims, but I've left out the battering and deep-frying.

Mario Judah Made Me This Way

mario judah is nightmare incarnate

Making music videos like this should immediately put you on some kind of list. This kind of crap makes mental patients of the perfectly sane.

What do you think of that, Mario? Huh?

mario judah at wits end

That doesn't really answer my question, Mario.

mario judah black metal

Well, maybe it does...

mario judah up close

In between twitchy coniption fits, this man makes one point, loud and clear - he will end you.

mario judah will haunt your bedroom

Yes, your pitiful soul will choke in chain bondage somewhere deep below the earth's surface, in his urban dungeon.

mario judah likes chains

You see, Mr. Judah here is what you might call 'hellspawn'.

mario judah in chains

M. Judah, much like M. Bison, is heinous and unholy; the godless tincture of two degenerate genres adulterating each other.

feel judah scratch

Whoever let gothic black metal get anywhere near post-modern trap should burn for all eternity, with Mario stoking the flames of their perdition.

Mario Judah is Your New Shadow Familiar

mario judah black nightmare

This video experience is haunting. Really, it is... Your brain will forever play host to this sicko's twisted shadow.

That fleeting reflection you catch in a dimlit window at night - that's Mario Judah feasting on your mortal soul. And feast he shall. Oh yes...

mario judah up for a feast

Feast. He. Shall...

mario judah will devour your soul

I'm only marginally convinced that dungeon he's in isn't real... And that he doesn't actually hunt humans for food.

mario judah eats people

If he winds up making headlines for hunting homeless dudes, I won't even bat an eye.

N-Word Pass Denied

see judah cry

In all seriousness, something about the way he intones the dreaded N-word makes me wonder if we can somehow rescind his N-pass.

mario judah done lost it

It's mostly the context... Finding and then killing people + N-word bombs make it seem like he's the Klan's first black member.

Can we all agree he's just not allowed to say that, no matter how black he is?

mario judah is coming for you

Mental imagery of him chasing down escaped slaves while singing this autotuned abomination of a song is impossible to ignore. He's making slave-catching catchy for crying out loud!

mario judah in more chains

I really don't need to explain this any further than these pictures do...

mario judah can roar like lion

At least, I genuinely hope I don't...

mario judah will end you

I don't really know what I've just witnessed after watching this.

I... I really don't. 2020's got me feelin' funny. Make. It. Stop.

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