Margaret Atwood's Angel Catbird Comic Book

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Acclaimed author and poet, Margaret Atwood, has succeeded in nearly every form of literature imaginable. It stands to reason she'd branch out into comics as well.

But what business could the author of "The Handmaid's Tale" have with superheroes? Apparently, with the addition of cats, comics proved an enticing opportunity for her.


Margaret's humorous Angel Catbird comic book is the story and exploits of a certain youthful genetic engineer overtaken by a sudden lab accident and imbued with incredible powers.

Strig Feleedus, the story's hero, comes to find himself mutated with the DNA of a cat and an owl. What follows, apart from his nutty name, is a series of action-packed heroic happenings. And cat puns... Cat puns galore...

Look into it. You might love it!


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