Marble Mammoth Make Us See "The Light Pt. 1"

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Eclectic influence and reverberating rock vibes unite to otherworldly effect in Marble Mammoth's "The Light Pt. 1".

Like ska and psychedelic rock caught up in a dance together, this tune tempts us to take part in its own tinted take on reality.

You swore you'd seen it before.

A glimpse, a glimmer, a dying hope. You hope to see it once more.

But loss of faith is a slippery slope.


"Waiting for days to see the light."

Marble Mammoth make a memory of each moment in "The Light Pt. 1", taking us to task with an unplaceable mixture of musical styles. We're lost. We're found. In sound, we drown.

Samples swerve and eddy in a dense spread of sonic spray. Seagulls squawk over oscillating bass notes as vocals chime in a chant.


This song seems surreptitiously spiritual - tribal even - with its wide armament of elements with which to barrage the senses, all so heavily cloaked in echoes and effects. Listening is a lot like leaving your body.

There's enough dynamic energy in "The Light Pt. 1" to fill a powder keg, and a little left over to light it. If you're up for a trance-inducing trip through another dimension of music, make time to hear this.

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