MARBL Makes a Musical Marvel of "I Think I Saw You On The Street"

Odd Nugget Social-done

An utterly adorable love story unfolds to the tune of MARBL's "I Think I Saw You On The Street".

What? I'm not crying! You're crying!

Where, oh where, and what can you do?

In a stroke of foul luck, love abandons you.

You and your heart left heavy...

High and dry... Nothing's left of you.

"Felt like my heart was losing beats..."

Little as a lullaby, large as long lost love... MARBL's "I Think I Saw You On The Street" is a dream and a journey of the heart.

Lyrics land at center stage as gentle tones vault off in all directions. Memories of a childhood crush careen through cradling arms, shattering to splintered thoughts, unreciprocated. No, you're crying!


Acoustic guitar strings lose themselves in each other's echoing twang as Marbl sings, lost in thought. It's not the brand of folk music you're used to; neo-folk hues tint it differently. Drums drizzle as a static shimmer and keys decompress in an open atmosphere here.

A musical walk down memory lane, this lovely song is as intimate as it is nostalgic. Don't miss a chance at listening.

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