Marbl Examine "The Mechanism of All Temporary Things" Through a Musical Lens

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Grim and grisly lounge soul, slippery with sweat and soft as a lie... Marbl's "The Mechanism of All Temporary Things" makes the most of a dark mood.

Dense with drama and cloudy with angst, confused, this tune takes you deep into an inky corner and devours you.

Glass on the floor, fallen from mirror.

Silver a-glimmer sharp as a knife. Your love is a memory lost in a moment.

Long gone and vanished, although you still hear her.

"I’ve got a lion in my bag..."

Dim mental recesses are laid bare, beckoning us into "The Mechanism of All Temporary Things" with surreptitious charm.

Ominous and eerie, theremin-esque squeals unite with a toned-down trip hop beat. Violins swell and extend into the distance. A feel, claustrophobic, and a mood, manic, tinge this tune a warm red hue. Buoyant bass notes nestle in close to an airy aria outstretched at all angles. Long slender arms envelop us, constricting and confining.


This track is a lot like being lost, lost to the world and lost to yourself. Marbl make the most of this vibe throughout, accentuating uncertainty until the bubble bursts towards the song's end. Emphatically harrowing and hauntingly harmonic, "The Mechanism of All Temporary Things" rests heavy on the mind.

Give this song a go for lounge vibes, dark and daunting. Press play for a gloomy glimpse of twisted tonality.

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