Mangoseed Invite You to "Still Believe" In the Political Power of Deep Reggae Fusion

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Rock bottom bass lines and lyrics laced with love lift Mangoseed's "Still Believe" to beauteous heights.

It's a song to save the world, roots to rippling leaves.

You need a voice to cry.

Stand by - an outsider among friends... A fighter for peace...

To live on, but leave memories to die.

Odd Nugget Soci-hecho

"I still believe in love, in the face of all this pain."

Mangoseed send unsavory acts a strong message in their track "Still Believe". The result is a simple song, bold as it is beautifully understated and elegant in its execution.

Deepest bass ducks dancing percussion in "Still Believe". Words wander through an auditory forest, leaving crumbs of meaning to mark their way. Guitar tones tilt and slide in echoes across the soundscape, madly melodic, yet gentle in the mix.


Mangoseed make short work of enemies with love and more love in "Still Believe". A concise commentary on the Windrush generation deportation scandal, this track attacks the issue at its heart, dousing hate and igniting connection.

You needn't forcefully involve yourself in the cold current climate of worldwide politics to partake in this song's sweet energy. Nay, a press of play can handle that.

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