MAKERphone Makes Building a Literal Phone Fun and Easy

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Phones are ubiquitous to the lives of modern men and women, but fairly few have a clue as to how to make them.

MAKERphone is a kit with the means for doing just that inside it.

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Imagine producing your own cell phone. Through soldering, snipping and simple coding, you can complete such a project and quite a bit more with a cool little kit like this.

MAKERphone aims to explain the inner workings of celular devices to anyone age 11 and up.


"Building the MAKERphone is just the beginning. After that you'll spend numerous hours creating your own games, apps, learning about software, and experimenting with hardware."

It's cool stuff to be sure. The kit includes everything you need to literally assemble and program your own phone (give or take a few easily-sourced tools).

When it comes to the growing presence of smartphones in our electronic society, it's best to adopt the motto "if you can't beat'em, build'em".


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