Make Yarn With the Electric Eel Wheel Mini 2

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Need yarn? How about yarn derived from random bits of wool, cotton or other fibers you happen to have on hand? If you've answered yes, then the Electric Eel Wheel Mini 2 is made for you.

We won't bother asking why you want custom yarn so much.

This hand-sized piece of equipment produces quality yarn from fibers of your choosing. Just like its traditionally much larger brethren, the Electric Eel Wheel comes with all the appropriate hooks and pieces for proper yarn spinning.

Unlike its traditional brethren, this spinning wheel is named after a creepy thin water-dweller.


"The speed control is a dial, and tension is controlled with an elastic band. The metal sliding yarn guides are a breeze to use. Overall the design is simple and intuitive."

Simple ac power puts the focus on spinning rather than pedaling. Plus, plying (the twisting of single strands) is a breeze thanks to reversible direction. For yarn-making, it definitely does look like fun.


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