Mainecoon x Darwin Just Got "Stronger"


Odd Nugget Social-done

Pure EDM power paired with confectionery vocals make Mainecoon and Darwin's "Stronger" a smash.

Springy dance vibes built to size; this track's positively massive.

"Don't ever bring me down..."

A dark world awaits you. Gloom and chill in silence...

At speed you overtake it. Set your light upon it.

Warmth pours from you; liquid light from a bottomless kettle. Send the moon away. It's day.


"I'm stronger than ever..."

"Stronger" strengthens your head nods like nothing else. The rhythm really jumps out at you, chopping at air all around.

Transfixing and alluring, a digital deluge of notes crosses the 'T' against rising rhythmic one-note waves. Meanwhile a minefield of minor clicks and percussion parade alongside sweet slippery vocals.

"Stronger" is the big, bold variety of future house and techno you can't help but enjoy. Uplifting lyrics, bright, banging dynamics and lush melodic bounce make your ears smile.

Your ears deserve a smile every once in a while. Listen and love.

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