Magic is "Intrinsic" to Odd Mob's Music

Odd Nugget Social-done

A spacey special set for liftoff, Odd Mob's fresh production "Intrinsic" is taking us places.

Odd Mob mentioned his intention of bestowing a bit of a rustic feel to his latest track, but "Intrinsic" is more magical than that. The current is antiquated here; the future, contemporary.


Straddling a tear in time, you're caught between today and tomorrow.

The pull is strong; tug of war. Into either end you split. Amoeba.

Son and daughter of two times, you return - combining both in yourself.


Atmosphere is intrinsic to "Intrinsic." It's its own world of sound. Billowy, bright and lively, yet supremely structured.

Panned vocals echo beyond clear recognition - fluttering in the breeze. Alien and pitch-shifted, they adorn the edges of the song throughout its 3.4 minute play time.

Each sharp slice of high-frequency scratch splits the mix. The result is the sumptuous sort of dynamic ducking you only get in great house music.

Odd Mob may very well be holding the crown for house king of 2018 with this one. If you're into trance, this is your chance.

Listen, love and repeat.

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