Maggie Pope's "Rare & Wild" Makes Your Eyes Spill

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Quieting the heart and stilling the air, Maggie Pope makes melody of a mellow mood in "Rare & Wild".

Like a lullaby, "Rare & Wild" tames tension and takes you away, somewhere distant and lovely.

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Alone. A light is the moon.

Moonlight is a flood, slowing to stop at your doorstep.

Step out and into it. Remember.

White embers spark in a sea of cinder.


"It's not goodbye. It's just a rare and wild night..."

Belief binds the loose leaves of Maggie's melodic memories. Belief in rebirth; a return from afar. Hope has its way with this track, treating us to lush, uplifting uncertainty. Bearing sentiment somehow expressed in full with few words, "Rare & Wild" is as sentimental a song as can be.

Atmospheric and intimate, this song is a testament to simplicity. In the same vein as Colbie Caillat, Pope plays strings and sings, exposing a beautiful behemoth of emotion with but two melodic elements at play. In sympathetic motion, supple heartstrings fray at such a perfect interplay of pieces.

For the weary, "Rare & Wild" is nothing short of solace. Draw in close and close your eyes. Listen.

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