Maggie Lindemann's "Human" is Just in Time for Halloween

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Boiling bass and bubbly vocals break silence in a haunted house throughout Maggie Lindemann's harrowing new tune "Human".

It's just creepy enough to crawl onto your personal playlist.

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Unsteady doors... Groaning floors...
Every corner turns to hallway, hallway to horror.

So sure you've been here before.

Sound... Footsteps falling fast. But they aren't yours.

"And if you saw through my eyes you'd understand..."

An eerie tune taints a trippy trip hop arrangement in "Human". Maggie makes magic happen over top. Not over the top, this track is spooky as it is spellbinding pop.

The haunted home aesthetic is easy to hear here. With piano keys punching out panes, smoky snares popping in the fireplace and moaning swells casting spells on each spoken word, the house comes to life. Is 'haunted house' a new music genre?


Maggie makes the most of each moment in the song, supplementing theremin-esque squeals and the knell of bells with bright, breathy vocals. Emotive, there's a definite feel to the sound of her voice that suits every second of the song.

Seasoned with seasonal spirit, "Human" is to die for. For All Hallows Eve, it's right on point. Point the speakers in your direction and listen.

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