Madame Psychosis Bring the Confines of Indie Rock "Crashing Down"

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Impactful drums dance around soft, flowing vocals in Madame Psychosis's new tune "Crashing Down".

This track is all mellifluous magic wrapped in a grungy garage rock exterior.

Nothing ever lasts.

But, a moment in passing...

Is present for good.

"Brighter than sunlight... Stars in your eyes..."

Madame Psychosis envelop us in an edgy rock dimension throughout "Crashing Down".

Rhythmic shifts slip in and out throughout this tune, forming amorphous foundation for a swirl of sound, harmonic. Guitars surf waves of reverberation, coloring the soundscape a special hue of blue. Sky-high, dulcet lyrics deliver an entrancingly melodic punch, pulling you in.

Odd Nugget Soci-hecho

Madame Psychosis build us up on blended tones to let it all come "Crashing Down" at each chorus - a rush of emotion to sweep at the feet.

"Crashing Down" is upbeat, overjoyed, poetic, good-natured awesomeness put to music. If you don't believe all that, have a listen yourself.

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