Madama Butterfly - An Opera That Got it Right the Second Time Around

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The esteemed 'Madama Butterfly' opera presents audiences the world over with a tragic tale as gripping as it is musically enthralling, but it wasn't an immediate success.

Giacomo Puccini, the performance's creator, adapted the story from a short story by John Luther Long of the same name. Before Puccini went about transforming it into an opera, it had already been made into a play.

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Inspired by the play, Giacomo formed the operatic adaptation for initial release in February of 1904. Unfortunately, everyone hated it and the performance was a total flop.

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Undaunted by the production's initial reception, Puccini put pen to paper in repurposing it for a second show later, in May.

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This time around, the performance - arranged in 3 acts as opposed to its original 2 - was met with riotous approval. Giacomo had gotten it right!

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Since then, Madama Butterfly has been rewritten multiple times and performed in all of its incarnations to rather splendorous, enduring success.

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The tale this opera tells is as tragic as they come and gripping to the very end.

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Love gone awry, promises unkept and a child born of two worlds are but a few points of the production's powerful plot.

If you're up for witnessing something of the sort, do give the video below a go.

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