Mad Hatter Millinery - John Boyd's Royally Remarkable Hats


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Hats as formal wear have come and gone with the times - enjoying massive popularity for decades before fading into history.

Our dapper days long since passed, it would seem the high-flying fame of the formal hat were to be forgotten forever, at least that would be the case if incredible hatters like John Boyd didn't exist.


“You can never be overdressed or overeducated.”― Oscar Wilde

Boyd's business in millinery (hat-making) continues to grow in popularity to this very day, thanks in no small part to his enduring visionary fashion aesthetic.

That and the fact that Princesses have worn his hats.


Few milliners can claim to have masked the crowns of the late Lady Diana and Margaret Thatcher, after all.

The princess of Wales went on to become the most-photographed woman in the world and plenty of her appearances featured one of his marvels of millinery teetering atop her head.


“Fashion changes, but style endures.”― Coco Chanel

Boyd's beautiful hat designs pull from a bottomless imagination - transcending mere fashion as undeniable works of art. Hard to see them and not want a hat of your own, eh?

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The rest of us will have to make do by ogling the images below.

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