Lydia Briggs's "White Angel Wings" Might Make You Cry

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Alt. rock energy and a soulful wallop make Lydia Briggs's new tune "White Angel Wings" a must-hear.

Emotion at overdrive, feels in flux... This track brings the best of power balladry, backed by oodles of vocal gymnastics. Classic.

On a cloud out of nine.

Every moment's a sign. You were right...

When you up and took flight.

"My feet won't let me run..."

Lydia's "White Angel Wings" is moving, harnessing the dramatic heights of alt. rock verve in the vein of a tamed Evanescence.

Vocals glide in and above a lively mix, lining guitars and drums with lofty significance. Keys creep in pairs, expanding at each chorus to occupy the spectrum in chords, sky-high.

Odd Nugget Soc-hecho

Lydia's voice rings clear in this song. Hope rides in on each expression, exultance flies out from her every inflection. "White Angel Wings" soars, and it sounds like a second chance.

Check out this track and its accompanying video if you're up for soft rock sounds with a poetic side of substance. If not, press play anyway.

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