Lydia Briggs's "Rock Bottom" is Weightless Wonder

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A deeply emotional walk through sonic sorrow nips at your feels in Lydia Briggs's new tune "Rock Bottom".

This song is a mourning tear in falling - sound smoothed out, folded and tucked away at heart...


Imagine the end.

Denial - a loaded gun...

The barrel's smoking...

" There's nowhere to go from rock bottom... "

Lydia leaves air trembling in "Rock Bottom".

"My songs stem from real life experiences. So writing Rock Bottom is the first step to overcome the powerlessness I sometimes feel as a young woman."

- Lydia Briggs

Drums plot a course, insistent, under a torrent of tempered keys. Bass notes blend with voices in a cool mix come each chorus, then play as counterpoint to anguished lyrics. Lydia laments in crystal tone - pacing grayscale corridors of thought to melodious result.

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Lydia sows sentiment into every moment throughout "Rock Bottom," externalizing and transmuting inner troubles to soothing sound.

"Rock Bottom" brings you into another world - one of heartfelt lyricism and latent longing. If you're up for a lovely listen, listen away by pressing play.

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