Lydia Briggs Reigns Supreme in "Carolina Queen"

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Lydia Briggs leads us into a dream, gentle and serene, in her new release "Carolina Queen".

This song is an experience you can quickly lose yourself in... Wait, where are we?


Like a house of cards...

At the slightest of breezes...

Your love falls away.

"I could never go..."

Lydia Briggs floods you with feels in "Carolina Queen".

Awash in emotion, piano tones skip across wet sonic sand. Lydia shores up sentiment in a passion as living drums clap out rhythm, reverberant. Synths sweep the upper spectrum alongside layered vocals, cherubic. Overtones of longing lead the way over tense harmonic terrain, resolving to love like a breath of fresh air.

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Lydia glides on melodic gossamer in "Carolina Queen," dipping into the depths of a heart's inner tumult and returning, galvanized, to wave words in balmy wind. Self-doubt manifests as music steeped in blue memory, warming with cathartic intensity throughout the song.

"Carolina Queen" is a lovely listen fit for a quiet night in or a long drive home. Press the buttons above or below for the full experience.

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