Lydia Briggs Builds "Down" Up With Bluesy Harmony

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Fluid blues anchored in artistic angst... Lydia Briggs's "Down" is a loyal take on a classic sound.

Lydia sings circles around punchy piano notes, juxtaposing this track's mood and meaning with applaudable prowess.

This world; it's a wild one.

You're a passenger on a plane. Just a traveler with no name.

And you've got no destination.


"I can't hear a sound..."

Opening to oscillating piano, "Down" opens up at the pace of a passionate outpouring, picking up clear through to the end.

"Down" is blues a-boil; a microcosm of the genre shipped in a single song. From simplistic chord progression to insistent lyrics, this tune traverses the genre's groundwork with little deviation, keeping true and in step with its style.


Lydia leaves notes lingering on air as her hands pulse out piano notes. But there's more than motion to "Down". "Down" is moving; a rhetorical question that asks and answers at once.

Lydia Briggs brings a ton of talent to the table in this tune, taking a solid route to soulful song through her singing. "Down" feels heartfelt and heavy in the best of ways. For a balanced blues diet, do try it.

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