Lucky 757 Show Us the "Spanish Shore"

Odd Nugget Social-done

"Spanish Shore," the first track on Lucky 757's album "Lonesome Lagoon" will drench you in the droning twang of surf rock. One listen and you'll feel groovy all over.

Air to ears, with wailing chords and clanging metal this track attacks the senses... Then soothes them.


Cacti and a lost guy. You're a stumbling mess.

Where's the road? Dust billows out in plumes at your shuffling feet.

Sun rises. Shades fall. Your eyes are screaming and your feet are wet. Now you're really lost.

Odd Nug-done

This track seriously brings to mind the trance-inducing surf rock antics of Yawning Man, especially their tune "Stony Lonesome" (same lagoon?). It's less bass heavy despite the double-bass, quite cohesive and all-around satisfying to settle into.

An intro can hit or miss, but the first few seconds of "Spanish Shore" crash in with all the right stuff. Far from set, the pace of the song dips immediately after the intro into sumptuous slow wavering. It's very Dick Dale.

Throughout the track, chords whoosh by like waves, cymbals cascade as foam and bass notes bubble up at the surface all around.


As far as rockabilly style and sound go, Lucky 757 have the cup and the Koolaid. They're a delightful throwback sound-wise, yet notably new enough to stand out. And yes, you should listen to them.

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