Lucian and Êmia Make Your Urge to Dance "Automatic"

Odd Nugget Social-done

Pulsing notes and deep, dark swells energize to a starship groove in Lucian and Êmia's "Automatic". This track boldly goes...

Starship trips aside, Lucian's deep dance production is a trip you can't pass on. Beam us up!

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Static puddles at your feet.
Pools of liquid lightning... Frightening.

Not the light, the sound, the heat...

It's meeting your Maker high, where kites cling.

"When I used to be somebody you were scared to lose..."

Voice over shivering airwaves - beautiful. Deep groove and morphing, nasal singing - beastly. "Automatic" is an EDM fairytale.

There's tenuous tension throughout each verse, like tiptoing on the edge of an open abyss. An inevitable fall beckons. A killer chorus cometh.


The chorus is the kicker. It's infectious rhythm at its finest; finesse and fine-tuned tonality take a whirlwind of elements to a dancing destination. Buildup breaks down to a bass-driven drop drowned in bleeps and bloops.

EDM lovers will enjoy this one for sure, but you don't have to love EDM to fall for this track. Listen just once... The effect is "Automatic".

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