Loyal Liar Lend Us Their Hearts in "She"

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Haunting melody masks a downtempo descent into infatuation in Loyal Liar's "She".

This track takes its time to tell you how it feels, but you'll forget yourself along the way.

Too good to be true...

Or too good for you? Your thoughts coalesce and congeal.

The loss of your love is still too real.


"...The virtue and promise of patience..."

Lingering in the ear in lightly-delivered whispers, "She" manifests as thought, melodic, and liquid emotion. Emulsified, piano and organ harmonize under a current of thoughtful, love-stricken poetry.

Lyrics flow forth on an endless exhale in this tune; lukewarm and reflective in feel. A tattoo is tapped to the sorrow-tinged chords of a piano progression. Like a slow march to a dim-dawning morrow, you're led along with this song through a dewy field of feels in search of languid love's looming horizon.


This song is the apotheosis of musical calm. Each moment of this music makes for quiet, near-trance-inducing relaxation. Halfway through, the thoughts expressed seem to be your own; the mood most definitely is as well.

For stunningly minimal mood music, "She" is all you need. It's graceful in its restrained approach, and superbly relaxing as a result. The play button awaits.

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