Love Lick Twist and "Be Loved"


Odd Nugget Social-done

Soft, succulent EDM goodness makes Lick Twist's "Be Loved" a sweet treat of a song.

It's airy, ethereal and encumbered with tons of emotion. Full force feels. "Be Loved"

"But, why do I feel so empty?"

Heat broils over bronze. Surrounding air is sulfur.

A bellowing erupts from between your hands. Lost, looking for love, you've rubbed the lamp.

Oldd Nugget Featured-done

Clouds cloud the room and hoist you up. A beauty beckons to the great beyond.

You're taken in. You join the djinn.

"Do we all get to be loved?"

"Be Loved" is silken sound; very smooth and dreamy. The song's atmosphere is sky-high and windy.

This is chill music. There's another element to it, though. One of longing, expressed clearly enough in the lyrics and minor melody. There's a current of melancholy sweeping its sounds. It's a moody tune.

Fit for reflection, this track's your lounge listen. So listen.

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