Lost Talk Come "Chrome Alone"

Odd Nugget Social-done

Disorienting rock in rebellion makes Lost Talk's "Chrome Alone" too gnarly to ignore.

Yeah Yeah Yeah's on epinephrine, Lost Talk break speakers in a maelstrom of mad music. "Chrome Alone" is fast and furious, yet decidedly upbeat in melody. Crazy.

Listen with care, this might be too awesome to tolerate.


Monochrome street stretched out ahead... You're lost.

Lights miss the crevices; shadow pools in puddles.

Nip into the alley. Rush up the steps. Push open the door's heavy metal.

A concert pours out in full thrush; color's on the inside.


The lead vocals bring to mind X-Ray Specs. With an emphatic blend of melodic speech and manic shrieks, you're wrestled into another realm. A loud realm.

There's striking fusion at play in "Chrome Alone"; 80's punk plus Primitives style shoegaze. Both unite in brilliant harmony.

To a lesser extent, there's a wild sort of Breeders feel to it all as well, but less relenting and infinitely more intense.

If you're up for the hard, the happy, the scratchy, the screamy... You've come to the right place. Lost Talk's raw, lunatical brand of bop will inundate you. Listen and drown.

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