Lost in Randall Lee Richards's "While You Were Sleeping"


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Quintessential country meets sentimental soliloquy in Randall Lee Richards's sweet new track "While You Were Sleeping."

Randall lays on the love in this one - tuning in to your heart with impressive accuracy. Think Thomas Rhett with a touch of wisdom.

"While You Were Sleeping" is the genuine article in power balladry, with country charm and lyrics steeped in honesty. It speaks to your softer side - sparing no sincerity.

A starlit slow-dance sort of song, the chorus in "While You Were Sleeping" will have you singing along madly.

"You're the only one I'm giving my life for"

There's a cool sting to the rail as you step up to the balcony's edge.

Below is city - mimicking stars, a-glow through the night.

Chill breeze lifts your hair, studs your skin with goosebumps. You're already cold.

Two arms wrap around your waist, suddenly warm.

Together, in wind, you wait for stars to emerge.

"We have a love that's worth keeping."

Straightforward and charming, "While You Were Sleeping" melds romance and pop country to perfection.

There's a certain immediacy to Randall's baritone voice that places you in the song's story. You're quickly swept along with it from chorus to chorus.

Behind the vocals, the music takes a subtly different direction - drifting like a lullaby with swaying strumming and faraway lead guitar.

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"While You Were Sleeping" has country radio top 20 written all over it. It's heartfelt, memorable and unabashedly sentimental.

There's no need to be a romantic... You can still enjoy this song if you aren't one. There's enough here for all corners of the country crowd to get into.

Check it out, you'll be hearing it on radio stations soon anyway.

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