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A dirty sponge is retired to a life of grime when you throw it away.

In other news...

The grime genre has a lot of excellent albums to offer avid listeners, but where should you begin? Well, the picks presented below make for a mind-blowing introduction...

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Siyobonga Hard by Scratcha DVA

Siyobonga  Hard by Scratcha DVA song img

After a phenomenal 2021, Jamz Supernova kicks off the new year with a new drop on the Future Bounce club series. Founded in 2020, the series has played host to both fresh and established artists and its return in 2022 sees the legend Scratcha DVA making his way through the FB doors with a two track release Siyobonga featuring vocalist DemiMa club ready cut Hard.

Scratchas recent output on his own label DRMTRK and on Hyperdub has welcomed a pivot in his sound, fusing the UK club sounds he is known for with South African Gqom and Amapiano. The lead single Siyobonga is the perfect homage to the Amapiano sound with shimmery melodies that chime in nicely with DemiMas silky vocals. The initial idea for Siyobonga came from a B2B between Scratcha and close friend Shy One. Shy dropped a blend of Larry Heards Missing You and in Scratchas own words I had to recreate the vibe of that blend somehow, so thats what I did and presented the idea to Demi to write on. Demi adds I was in Durban when Scratcha sent me the track. I loved the fusion of House Amapiano. When Scratcha explained the Larry Heard connection, I was even more inspired to be involved. I appreciate that Scratcha has been loving South African sounds for many years and that he loves Gqom from Durban... more

Siyobonga Hard by Scratcha DVA

- Chelsea Wolfe - Apokalypsis (FULL ALBUM)

All rights reserved to Chelsea Wolfe.

If the band or the label want to delete this video, just leave a message and I will delete it.


PrimalCarnal 00:00

Mer 00:24

Tracks (Tall Bodies) 04:08

Demons 08:03

The Wasteland 11:17

Moses 15:21

Friedrichshain 19:30

Pale on Pale 22:16

To the Forest, Towards the Sea 29:17

Movie Screen 32:12

Alfredo Gata Ramirez said: 'I went in 2012 to a concert in Berlin and I could see Chelsea Wolfe. It was simply magicsaid: 'Those three final tracks.... Holy #$@$, thats magnum opus on this whole masterpiece'

Ernesto Garcia said: 'such a beautiful voice'

Chelsea Wolfe - Apokalypsis (FULL ALBUM) by

Pent Up by Fallow

Pent Up by Fallow song img

Project to soundtrack anyone letting off steam with their close ones. Out to all my 9-5ers, be your full self when you bang these >

Pent Up by Fallow

The Vanity Project by Iceboy Violet

The Vanity Project by Iceboy Violet song img

Iceboy Violet presents their debut mixtape The Vanity Project: seven vocal tracks from one of Manchester's most exciting emergent voices on 2 B REAL.

Studiously developed and honed over the last four years, The Vanity Project showcases collaborations between Iceboy Violet and a slew of their contemporaries - an impressive cross section of the North's creative landscape and the cutting edge of dance and electronica, including Space Afrika, Emily Glass, Jennifer Walton, Slikback Nick Leon, Mun Sing, Blackhaine, Daemon Orlandor, Exploited Body aya, under her LOFT alias.

Iceboy Violet oscillates between the moody and the sublime, drawing from a rich tradition of club MC forms and a rich, dreamy sense of lyricism. There are plenty of bottled lightning moments across the mixtapes succinct 20 minutes; from an arresting and disorientating groove on Urban Ambience with Space Afrika, the nearly panic-inducing simplicity of 'Vanity' with Jennifer Walton, and the dense, abrasive dread of 'Lilith', with Mun Sing, Blackhaine, Daemon Orlandor. Iceboy Violet themselves is the constant across each track: a one-of-a-kind presence whose raw, honest monologues and ability to switch tone and flow on a sixpence lingers long after the... more

The Vanity Project by Iceboy Violet

- Rio Grime - Irsinggit (Volume 2 Full Album)








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PAPUANVOICEsaid: 'Dukung channel ini dengan : LIKE - SHARE - SUBSCRIBE.'

Rio Grime - Irsinggit (Volume 2 Full Album) by

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