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The chillwave genre has a lot of excellent albums to offer avid listeners, but where should you begin? Well, the picks presented below make for a mind-blowing introduction...

Toro y Moi - Causers of This (Instrumentals)

Toro y Moi Causers of This (Instrumentals) song img

'Causers of This' is a glimpse into my early life as a suburban, American, POC. It is a reaction to what it feels like to lose. Ironically, all of the sessions and files making up the album were lost in a car burglary in ; all that was left were the instrumentals. The lyrics were the last element added on this particular record and I'm excited for my listeners to experience the album the way I first intended it to be. Now, years later, it feels more appropriate than ever to release this pared-down version of the record to leave space for thought and reflection. Thank you all for being a part of this journey with me.

of the Bandcamp proceeds from the Causers instrumentals today () will go to People's Breakfast Oakland. found.eeTYM-Causers-year

Cassette tape out on exclusively at store.toroymoi.com

Causers of This (Instrumentals) by Toro y Moi

- Euan Ellis - Luminescence (Full Album) [Synthwave Chillwave]


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Sakura said: ': Wyverns - Intro






The Light


Cloud Nine


The Light (instrumental)'

Iron Skullet said: 'So great. "Touchdown" has to be one of my favorite tracks in any style of synthwave music'

Gianluca Marchese said: 'Euan Ellis is a genius.'

Euan Ellis - Luminescence (Full Album) [Synthwave Chillwave] by

HOME - Before The Night

Before The Night by HOME song img

Mark Redito - Desire

Mark Redito Desire song img

After being on hiatus for almost a year (due to a lot of bicycle riding), I found that deep urge to make music again. Between Fall through Winter of , I locked myself up in my bedroom everyday and toiled over recording and mixing songs that would eventually form this new album, Desire.

I really wanted Desire to have an eclectic sound to reflect the different sounds Ive been listening to while recording the album. In particular, I found Bibios album, Mind Bokeh an inspiration in terms of eclecticism and wanted to achieve that same level of variety. I also found myself taking inspiration from a lot of my peers on soundcloud who make beats, post-dubstep, chillwave and techno tracks. I knew I wanted my sound to be very electronic but I also made it a point to sound warm, organic and imperfect.

Production-wise, Id like to believe that this is my best sounding album yet. It has been a great learning process for me making this album. I found myself learning and re-learning new things in recording, mixing and mastering. I had always admired high production sounds but I also wanted the intimacy of a bedroom-produced album.

To preserve the lofi and gritty feel, most of the songs here were recorded in one-go. I also utilized home made percussions and field recordings. Sample sources include old tapes, youtube tutorials and j-pop. All of which were chopped and manipulated then rearranged to be come the backbone on most of these tracks.

Collaboration was also something I heavily pursued in this album: both musically and visually. I collaborated with Davao Citys (Philippines), Skymarines on Candy Flavored Lips. The look and feel of the album, which is a nod to the japanese aesthetic, was courtesy of the talented visual artist Krystal Perez and features Shanghai-based photographer and artist, Mang.

I did not have any working theme throughout the album but ended up making songs that I feel are somewhat connected to each other. Desire is a deeply emotional and personal album for me and I sincerely hope that you find something in here that you connect to. I invite you to listen to it and if you like it, you would pass it along to your friends and loved ones.

Release Date: Cassette on Purr Tapes purrtapes.bandcamp.com (Sold Out)Digital on Spazzkid spazzkid.bandcamp.com

Desire by Mark Redito

- HUBRID - THE CHILLWAVE (Full Album) [Synthwave Chillsynth]


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Jakub Kłos said: 'Tracklist:











Gongcalves said: 'Bela arte! E o album e sensacional!'

highduke said: 'Finally

A mix that isn't dark depressive'

HUBRID - THE CHILLWAVE (Full Album) [Synthwave Chillsynth] by

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