LogicInk Biometric Tattoos Tell How You Feel

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Imagine watching your alcohol level rise while drinking and choosing to stop at the right level. How about keeping visible tabs on pollution levels in your immediate vicinity? Crazy, right?

Well, with LogicInk's incredibly cool temporary tattoos, you can actually do just that.

"LogicInk 'tattoos' change dynamically -- giving you live feedback about your body and environment."

Need to know you're at the right temperature? LogicInk can handle that. Afraid you might be getting too much sun exposure? Slap one on and track the sun.


LogicInk's tattoos are actually clever sensors that react with visible changes to specific stimuli. The team behind these amazing inventions have been cooking up cool new sensors for hydration, blood alcohol concentration, DNA and quite a few more. Their UV exposure tattoos are already entirely functional, demonstrating real-time feedback entirely on your skin.

LogicInk tattoos could quickly make you the UI for tracking your own health.