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Lofi hip-hop is the jazz of the modern day.

On the other hand...

Not all lofi hip hop music albums are made equal! Some of the ones featured below might actually blow your mind...

Curtis Roach - Highly Caffeinated

Curtis Roach Highly Caffeinated song img

Highly Caffeinated is the young Curtis Roachs third project. The mixtape is meant to wake you up and to make sure whoever you are, you never give up on your dreams. Curtis takes his eclectic style and balances, jazz, lofi, Bossa Nova, jazz hop sounds into a alternative hip-hop mix with both lyrical quality and moving production. Highly Caffeinated covers a wide range of topics, on tracks like Bossin he discusses the evils of money and greed in today's society and on tracks such as Somebody Loves You Back Curtis reminds you there is always someone out in the world that loves you.

Thank you to anyone listening to this and supports this all the way.I dropped out of college to do this full time and all I can say is this is only the beginning. I hope someone can take a message out of this and learn something, or at least just feel a vibe."

Curtis Roach


production: kilamusic tymubeats fredfades supremeflows313 ntourageephekt manhuh potsupotsu tesla77 iamokho cxdy quicklyquickly Pigeondust and Rob Kelly!


whyandotte demaciiio Anthony Cipolla and bertram-f-prod-by-bert

SingersBack up vocals:

ninalacarter jikanpapa brandy-taliafero-1



Highly Caffeinated by Curtis Roach

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- leavv - Mind Garden [full album]


00:00 Lighthouse

02:19 Voyage

04:38 Mind Garden

06:52 Within

09:34 Lacuna

12:06 Meadow ft. Philanthrope

14:09 Tomorrow

16:59 Valley

20:09 Home

Art by Jim Spendlove

SadLight - Brenda

SadLight Brenda song img

Just let me forget you Brenda

Brenda by SadLight

Stereofox.com - yuhei miura, Kazuki Isogai, Refeeld - Look Forward EP

Stereofox.com yuhei miura, Kazuki Isogai, Refeeld - Look Forward EP song img

The match made in heaven, producer yuhei-miura guitarist Kazuki Isogai are joined by refeeld for this beautiful lofi EP.

Stream everywhere bit.lylook-forward-ep

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yuhei miura, Kazuki Isogai, Refeeld - Look Forward EP by Stereofox.com

- FUTURES Vol. 6 [Full Album] - Lofi Hip Hop Beats Chill

Catalog: INNER107

Format: Double LP Double Tape Cassette Digital

Just over 2.5 hours of music.

Each tape is approx. 80min run time.

Double Tapes limited to 100 sets.

Double LP's limited to 300 copies.

Tape Cassette and Digital contains all 65 tracks.

Double LP contains 33 selected tracks

Welcome back to FUTURES Vol. 6, our annual showcase of our favourite up and coming beat makers side by side with some of the legends of this culture. FUTURES Vol. 6 celebrates the bedroom producer and spotlights the talent that flows below the surface of the mainstream. 65 terminally chill tracks with enough slap to make your neck crack, FUTURES Vol.6 is a comprehensive study of bumps to 247 chill study relax take a "load" off feel the vibrations to. Lock your doors, dim the lights and astro glide your way into the beat.

Artwork By: Hamburger Hands



A1 - Dominic Pierce - Haze

A2 - YUNG NINO - Gee Matted

A3 - ØDYSSEE - Horizon

A4 - Gas Lab - Tonight

A5 - Borealism - Sunblaster

A6 - Yutaka Hirasaka - Diary

A7 - Ocha - Midnight Garden

A8 - [bsd.u] - i know you see it

A9 - ARVO TO ME - Bingo Bango Bongo

A10 - Atamone - newyorktrip

A11 - Knowmadic - Time To Go

A12 - Mora - Paseo.

A13 - Mecca:83 - Molasses

A14 - drrreems - lemon

A15 - Howiewonder - Everend


B1 - Telemakus - This.

B2 - Sadiva - Apex

B3 - Rudemanners - Breakfast Burrito

B4 - G Mills - Riding Or Moving Between Cars Is Prohibited

B5 - Radicule. - Gold Experience [Meu Amor]

B6 - Awlnight - Deal Done

B7 - Daykoda - Woods

B8 - Rikinish - Hakuchuumu

B9 - Funkonami - Daydreaming

B10 - Fantompower - Afterglo

B11 - Ideism - Dive

B12 - Joe Nora - Mornin

B13 - Arbour - A Wailing Ship In A Storm

B14 - Axian - Rising Sun

B15 - Kuranes - Too High

B16 - Daneel - Filters

B17 - Grumpysnorlax [ft. Psygon] - Stoned Commute

B18 - Laffey - Nature

All tracks above included on Vinyl Edition.


C1 - PRGMAT - So Kind Of You

C2 - Jabbu - Don't Worry, I See You

C3 - luvsic111 - Translucent

C4 - fzpz - Nina's Hair

C5 - Chordandjocks - Calling U

C6 - Alex Ruby - Sour Grapes

C7 - Hang Øver - Home

C8 - Bunko Stew - New Days

C9 - Bryzoneybp - Rockpool

C10 - ciasco - Pikes Peak

C11 - IOM - My Boy

C12 - Mayaewk - Last Days

C13 - Midnight Dunes - Fire Eater

C14 - Peter Bark - 010918

C15 - Spiky Forest - Moving Clouds

C16 - jus. - Beams


D1 - FatVonFree - Montrose Boulevard

D2 - Fatrok - Go Down

D3 - GoldenChild - Attic

D4 - Isak Gaines - Long Week, Huh

D5 - elginnnn - beaux

D6 - Skullkid - Mtendere (w jrl)

D7 - Dri Hiev - Relent

D8 - ZeMauno - HEADSHOTZ

D9 - Spectacular Diagnostics - Disco Vagabond

D10 - morimori - doorbells

D11 - Walz - Grit

D12 - Behind Clouds - A World You May Not Understand (ft. BOBCAST)

D13 - Osamu - Nihoncha

D14 - Natse - Kaeri

D15 - Outs - Purple Shift

D16 - baechulgi - thanks

Edd Mtz said: 'FUTURES as always never disappoints'

Juan jose Hurtado Nunez said: 'Muy muy bueno '

stiLL rUnnin said: '1:22:53 this track fuccing blew my mind, great sounds.'

FUTURES Vol. 6 [Full Album] - Lofi Hip Hop Beats Chill by

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