Llunr's New Track is So Hot It's "Cold"

Odd Nugget Social-done

Rocking EDM goes sub-zero cool in Llunr's first single "Cold".

Emotive and crisp, this song grows guitar groove to epic proportions.

An icy expanse... A dance, unending...

Out of breath, you're winded.

Last day... You'll spend it...

Awash in emotions. Frozen, you'll end it.


"I don't need ya..."

Dramatic strings interlace with synthesized sounds to massive effect. Your ears get wrecked by the drops in "Cold".

Country calm at each verse in "Cold" acts as eye to the song's storm. Immense, heavy and explosive come each chorus, "Cold" ignites despite its name.

"Cold" is pure drama, delivered straight to the heart. Bombastic kicks bomb the valley of each verse, swollen synths raze what remains and glistening guitar strings rain from above.

Where dynamics are concerned, this tune takes turns shifting from idle to full throttle. Relative ease in the form of a slippery guitar-led meditation mounts to fist-of-fury fare. Powerful, punctuated waves of sound curl over you, bringing recent releases of Imagine Dragons to mind. The chorus is colossal.

Llunr launches his career in music with daring dynamism. This being his first release, it's a great, gobsmack of a start. Check out the track yourself and prepare for the drop.

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