Living On Universal Denial Dole Out Audible Damage with "Scars"

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Living On Universal Denial divvy out epic vibes in their indie rock anthem "Scars".

Moody rock tones, weighted with meaning, make for an immersively melancholic listening experience in this.

You're a supernova sinking.

You're a cast off star, blinking. Burning bright but for the dark.

An ember in ink, you're sinking.

Odd Nugget Soc-hecho

"They try to take us back... To take us back to the dark."

Like the Sisters of Mercy clashing with Duran Duran over a dramatic soundscape, "Scars" scatters melody into hard-hitting harmony.

Kicks count down to the chorus as lyrics load the atmosphere with substance. Big-bodied bass notes brew beneath a shock of strings. Dynamics drag us along on a journey of jumps and drops, settling into satisfying grooves with reverberating regularity.


Light in pitch... Hope aglow in an empty heart... "Scars" leaves its mark as a marred man's soul singing over the pain. It's defiance in the face of grim difficulty and peace despite painful memories.

Diehard rock enthusiasts will likely love this song. But, so can everyone else. Find out if it's for you by listening. Go for it.

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