Liquid Time Like "Beer and a Lime"


Odd Nugget Social-done

Flangey psychedelia sounds slippery slick in Liquid Time's "Beer and a Lime".

It's trippy sweet surf rock drowned in modern musical dynamics.

"They say time heals all pain..."

Ice in a cup becomes ice in the sand. Sand on ice sticks around.

You'll stick around.

The day is hot. The water's not. Not you.

A sip and a swim. A swim and a dip. Dip your toes and dive in.


"It's not going away."

Solos swoop like gulls, effects pool in puddles of spacey sound and lyrics recede into distance like lost thoughts... "Beer and a Lime" takes its time in building up to an epic ending, but wastes not a second on its way.

There's a touch of true-blue stoner rock in Liquid Time's approach. The vocals under a wall of sound especially bring to mind the glorious antics of Kyuss and Sleep. "Beer and a Lime" has a more well-rounded feel though.

Elements like opening beat and melody bending to an impending dissolution of reality as the track progresses make for a captivating story of a listen.

Liquid Time have a beautiful track on their hands. Strong streaks of spirit and spastic reverie elevate "Beer and a Lime" to a height you'll have to hear to believe. Hear it now.

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