Lindsey Stirling Turns Your Ears to "The Upside"

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A dazzle of light and love, sonic, enchants in moving violinist Lindsey Stirling's "The Upside".

To dance, to dream and dream aloud - that's this song in a nutshell.

Take me higher up.

Deliver me to the clouds.

Now, I am flying.

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Lindsey lifts you up, up and away in "The Upside," practically giving you wings with lofty, fluttering melody.

Pulsing, synthesized arpeggios branch out tentatively as Lindsey reels you in on dulcet string tones. Laser-embedded percussive elements slice the mix to neat techno time as the song progresses. Stirling stands front and center, sawing out notes to self-combust in a heated harmonic updraft come each chorus. You're swept into a tailspin.

lindsey stirling the upside

For an instrumental track, this tune certainly says a lot. There's a wellspring of hope bursting out in "The Upside," palpable and sublime.

Anyone up for a touch of love and light wrapped in glistening bright sound, will have found what they were seeking in this song. Press play to listen. You don't know what you're missin'!

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